Health Care Partnership with Kolumbus

Partnership Health Center makes the daily commitment to incorporate Collaborative Care into our comprehensive primary health care services, strategic goals, and our partnership with community resources.

People are our strength. Joining Kolumbus Health Care presents an opportunity to become a part of a team of professionals that makes a difference. By establishing a culture of integrity, ambition and intelligence we assist our clients in achieving success through our valuable personnel.

We Welcome Membership – Volunteering – Internship.

Kolumbus Health Care would provide unpaid internship placements and short-term /mid-term opportunities for individuals who are interested in volunteering in India from 1 week to 3 months. Based on your skills and interests with the sectors mentioned, will arrange an opportunity for you in which you will be most effective. We will provide the groundwork for an optimal volunteering experience with either a local NGO, with industries for social responsibility initiatives or community group. It is certain of gaining valuable career experience and skills for an increasingly global workplace, challenge and defines yourself in a broader context as you work for social change. (Live project or hands-on work experience)